Scam Alert

Scam Alert

Recently, scammers have attempted to collect handwritten applications and associated fees, using our name, logo, address and NMLS number.

All known potential victims have been members of  Connected Investors has been made aware of the scheme, but we do not know what, if any, steps they are taking to combat the issue.

How to know if you are being scammed:

 – Heritage Funding will never ask for an “application fee.”  Any such request is a scam

 – Heritage Funding never operates through CashApp – or similar – financial arrangements

 – Heritage Funding requires an on-line application unless special accommodation is requested

 – Heritage Funding is not a part of Connected Investors; nor do we acquire leads from them

 – Heritage Funding only makes loans on properties located in the State of Texas

 – the gold version of our logo is only used on our website – never on any other document